About Us



Hi I'm Lili, Mum of little Emma and co-founder of Sweet Carrot and Co.

While I was pregnant with my baby girl I used to dream about all the cute little things I would need to create the best environment for welcoming her into our lives. That’s when I was inspired to create an online store filled with beautiful things for beautiful kids!

Founded in February 2019 by me and my husband Matteo in the sunny Brisbane, Sweet Carrot and Co celebrates the wonder of children while giving them what they need for the best start in life.



From soft swaddling blankets for cosy cuddles to kids hair accessories for the prettiest looks, I pour my love into everything we sell.

We offer handmade and personalised products too, like greeting cards for new parents and my dreamy baby coat hangers.

Every order is carefully hand-wrapped and elegantly presented.

We strive to limit use of plastic in our packages as much as we can.



I have always been a creative person, and when we embarked on this adventure all the products were created and handmade by ourselves, here at home.

 The responsibilities that come with having a child while running a business that is supposed to pay the bills can be intimidating and it was quickly clear that the stress would not be sustainable.

That’s when we started a long and complicated search for suppliers who could provide the best materials for our products and who could guarantee the standards we wanted for our mums and the brand.

The sleepless nights have resulted in a network of incredible collaborators always providing us with the best materials from all around the world, manufactured with high quality standards and guaranteed to be a hit.



I knew before I met my baby girl that I was going to adore her, do anything for her - and take lots of photos of her! I hope my devotion and happiness at being a mother shows, and perhaps inspires you to treat your baby to a Sweet Carrot and Co gift.


With love,

Lili, Matteo & little Emma