Healthy Recipes and Easy Meal Ideas for New Mums

Healthy Recipes and Easy Meal Ideas for New Mums

When you’ve just brought home a new baby, cooking is the last thing on your mind! But it’s important to nourish your body to aid postpartum recovery and maintain your energy levels. So here are some handy tips and easy meal ideas for you and your family.


Have Your Groceries Delivered

To save time – and your sanity – order your groceries online and have them delivered to your door. You don’t want to struggle to the supermarket with a newborn in tow!


The Slow Cooker and the Freezer are Your Friends

A slow cooker is great when you’re short on time (which, as a new mum, is always!). In the morning, you can throw in a few ingredients and have a ready-made meal by dinnertime. Likewise, the humble freezer is a godsend for new mums. Before your baby arrives, batch-cook some healthy meals and freeze them in individual portions. You can then easily reheat them on those days when you’re too tired to even lift a pot.


Some simple, healthy, freezer-friendly meals include:

  • Slow-cooker sausage casserole with veggies
  • Chicken or tuna and tomato pasta bake
  • Shepherd’s pie packed with veggies
  • Black bean or beef chilli
  • Warming lentil curry


Eat “Mini Meals” Little and Often

Being a new mum means a lot of multitasking; specifically, eating with one hand while rocking your baby with the other! So try eating smaller meals throughout the day to keep your energy up.


Some of the best recipes for new mums include:

  • Wholegrain toast with scrambled eggs
  • Omelette with spinach, tomatoes and mushrooms
  • Pasta with frozen or pre-prepared vegetables
  • Stir fried tofu and vegetables with noodles
  • Microwave rice with a grilled chicken breast, spinach and tomatoes


Remember to drink plenty of water too. Dehydration causes fatigue and brain-fog – which you definitely don’t need with a newborn on your hands!


What's your tip for all new mums out there? Do you have a go to meal for when life gets in the way? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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