Cute Birth Announcement Ideas to Introduce Your New Baby!

Cute Birth Announcement Ideas to Introduce Your New Baby!

Your darling baby has finally arrived – yay! You feel proud, excited, and also tired, very tired. Naturally, you want to tell the whole world that baby is here, so why not post a birth announcement on social media? Here are our top ideas for the cutest pictures and the most unique birth announcements.


Start with a Sweet Photo

Everyone wants to see your adorable new baby. That little button nose, those tiny fingers and toes… who could resist! So make baby’s first photo more memorable, by dressing him in one of our birth announcement sets. They’re designed to make baby feel cosy and look super-sweet in your birth announcement photos and beyond.  


The sets include our much-loved swaddles made from soft, breathable fabric for baby’s comfort. Accessories are important, so we have beanies for boys and top-knot headbands for girls! With a range of fun prints, there’s a set to suit every mama’s style. Simply add a birth announcement card and share your post with family, friends, and followers!


Include Important Details

Diaries at the ready! Your family and close friends will want to know everything about the new arrival. So your birth announcement should share basic information, including baby’s…

  • Name and birthday
  • Gender, if you wish
  • Weight and length
  • Place and time of birth
  • Parent’s names


Add a Cute Caption

You can be as creative as you like with your birth announcement caption! Go for something short ‘n’ sweet, clever, funny, or gender-focused. Need inspiration? Here are our favourites:

  • Hello world!
  • The snuggle is real. Meet our new addition, (baby’s name)
  • On (birth date), we were blessed with the arrival of (baby’s name)
  • Oh boy! (baby boy’s name) is here!
  • Once upon a time, a little princess was born… Meet (baby girl’s name)


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