3 Surprising Reasons Muslin Cotton is Best for Baby Blankets

3 Surprising Reasons Muslin Cotton is Best for Baby Blankets


Muslin cotton is among the purest and most natural fabrics available. Lightweight and breathable yet cosy and comfy, it’s the best fabric for your baby’s swaddle blankets. Muslin cotton is soft on delicate skin, can withstand repeated washing, and is sustainable with a low environmental impact.

What is Muslin Cotton?


Originating from Ancient India, muslin is a type of cotton fabric with a loose weave. Thanks to its purity and lightweight structure, muslin can be used for everything from clothing and blankets to cheesemaking and surgical dressings! At Sweet Carrot & Co. we believe muslin cotton is the best fabric for baby swaddle blankets. Here’s why:


    1. Muslin Cotton is Breathable and Soft


Muslin’s open weave allows proper airflow which prevents dangerous overheating. That makes muslin swaddles the safest choice for your precious baby. Muslin is also flexible (great when you’re trying to wrap a wriggly tot!) and is super-soft against delicate skin. Swaddled in a muslin wrap, your infant will feel snug, secure, and comfy during cuddles and nap times.


  1. Muslin Cotton is Durable and Easy-Care


As the parent of a new baby, you’re busy ALL the time, so anything that makes life easier is a must-have! Muslin baby swaddles are a breeze to care for; the fabric is amazingly strong and able to withstand countless washes. Even better, muslin gets softer with every wash, so your tot will always look forward to snuggling with you!


  1. Muslin Cotton is Sustainable and Eco-Friendly


Maybe you want to balance parenthood with eco living? Since muslin blankets are so durable, you needn’t replace them as often as polyester ones, so you’ll create less waste. What’s more, organic muslin contains no synthetic fibres that could shed during washing and end up polluting the ocean.

If you want to do the best for your infant while simplifying baby care and protecting the environment, choose muslin cotton. Our muslin swaddle blanket set covers all those bases - and looks super-cute too!


Which set will you choose for your baby?


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