3 New Mum Hacks to Help You Handle Parenthood

3 New Mum Hacks to Help You Handle Parenthood

The first year of motherhood is exciting and rewarding, but it’s also hard. Maybe you’re wondering how you’ll ever cope when baby comes home? If so, these tips for expecting mums and new mums will help you survive, and your baby thrive.


  1. Help Baby Sleep Better and Longer

Ask any new mum what she’d like more of and she’d probably say “sleep”! Although every newborn is different, it can be good to encourage a sleep pattern.


If your baby has trouble falling asleep, try swaddling. This technique involves wrapping your baby to recreate the feeling of being in your womb. When baby feels snug and secure, he may settle easier and sleep longer. If you want to try swaddling, be sure to choose light, breathable muslin cotton blankets for baby’s safety and comfort.


  1. Prep a Well-Stocked Changing Bag

Packing a changing bag every time you leave the house is exhausting - and it wastes valuable cuddle-time too! So always keep your changing bag packed and ready to go. Stock it with wipes, nappies, dummies, bottles, snacks, spare baby clothes, and a teething ring if your infant is at that stage.


Consider buying a changing backpack for better comfort and practicality. And choose a gender-neutral design so daddy won’t mind carrying it from time to time!


  1. Care for Yourself Too!

It’s easy to forget your own needs when you have a tiny, fragile human to care for. But self-care is super-important for your mental and emotional health, and for your physical postpartum recovery. 


Take time out to nap, read a book, take a walk or a bath, and chat to adults! Limit visitors if you’re tired or overwhelmed. Accept help with household chores or grocery shopping. Wear comfy clothes. And be kind to yourself! By giving birth, you’ve done something amazing!

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