3 Fun Gender Reveal Ideas for the Ultimate Surprise

3 Fun Gender Reveal Ideas for the Ultimate Surprise

Gender reveal parties are such a fun way to announce your baby’s sex. The trend was started in 2008 by blogging mama, Jenna Karvunidis. Over the years, gender reveals have become more elaborate, as parents-to-be try out new and unique ideas.  


Your gender reveal can be as simple or as lavish as you like. Just remember to put safety first, however you choose to celebrate. Your only problem should be keeping baby’s gender a surprise until the party!


Our Top 3 Gender Reveal Ideas

Find inspiration for your celebration! These ideas will delight your guests and keep them guessing.


  1. Let Them Eat Cake!

What’s a party without cake? A gender reveal cake is such a fun (and delicious!) way to announce baby’s sex. Use gender-neutral colours on the outside of the cake but make the inside pink or blue. Try adding food colouring to buttercream in a layer cake or filling a smash cake with jellybeans! You and your partner can slice the cake together to reveal if you’re having a girl or a boy. 


  1. Pick a Piñata

This idea really builds the suspense! Hang up a gender-themed piñata and get to work smashing it with your partner. You could fill your piñata with lollies, confetti, faux feathers, or ribbons in pink or blue to match baby’s gender. You can buy a gender reveal piñata or make your own if you’re feeling creative. Ask a family member to take photos or film the smashing fun!


  1. Create a Challenge

Want to make your guests work for the answer? Host a gender reveal scavenger hunt! Leave clues around your house or garden and hide a pink or blue teddy bear for the big reveal. This is a fun way to get all your family and friends involved. Your kids will enjoy the scavenger hunt too; they’ll love finding out if they’re getting a little brother or sister!


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